Digital Travel Summit APAC 2020

20 - 22 April, 2020

Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Travel and Hospitality Insights

Travel and Hospitality Insights

*NEW* 5G; Not just a technology revolution, but a customer experience revolution

5G offers wider connectivity and facilitates fast, responsive and powerful technologies capable of taking the customer experience to new levels.

*NEW* Case Study: Reaching new heights of advertising through Multi-Layer Optimisation over Facebook - Fiji Airways

Using Multi-Layer Optimisation over Facebook to improve outreach and scale on advertising is set to be a dominant trend for Asia Pacific travel marketers in 2020.

*NEW* Destination Marketing 2.0 – How can you put agility and personalisation to work to know your customers better, predict what they want, and delight them to take away friction?

For the tourism board and travel industry players in Asia Pacific and beyond, destination marketing in the current climate presents both challenges and opportunities.

*NEW* New Zealanders are opening their hearts and hometowns to the world!

As home to the world’s first tourism board (established back in 1893), New Zealand has a long tradition of pioneering tourism initiatives

Digital Travel APAC X TTG Asia: Technology Shaping Tomorrow’s Travel

New technologies are seeing swift uptake from consumers, driven by consumers’ growing digital impatience and expectation for instant responses, answers and solutions to their queries and purchasing requests

Singapore Airlines has a Blueprint for Digital Transformation

The changing buying habits of travelers and onslaught of digital technology is forcing a paradigm shift away from the traditional travel agent and consumer relationship. The modern traveler wants a convenient and tech driven experience from travel providers and are willing to shop around to get it.

Your 2019 Guide to Mobile Marketing

Way back in 2008 it was predicted that the next decade would see mobile internet use overtake that using traditional computers such as desktops or laptops. Now, in 2018, we find that prediction starting to bear fruit

Here’s How Ctrip is Using AI, Big Data, and Intelligent Hardware to Meet the New Age of Sophisticated Travelers

AI and other digital intelligence technologies are taking the business world by storm, and this is only likely to increase as time goes on

Here’s How AirAsia is Leveraging the Power of YouTube and Conversation Commerce

Since YouTube was launched in 2005 by three former PayPal employees it was a simple video hosting platform. In 2018 the, now Google owned, website has approximately 400 hours of content uploaded to it every minute

Fireside chat with Anywhr Co-Founder, Felix Tan

Felix Tan, Co-Founder of Anywhr, a bespoke travel curator that sends anyone in the world to anywhere in the world – sat with us to share his insights on the company, and help travellers experience the joy of discovery that spontaneous trips bring

Understanding the Secret Lives of Top Tier Travelers

Travel brands have been at a disadvantage with only a very limited view of their consumers’ behavior beyond their own brand. To provide the relevance consumers demand, it is critical that brands do as much as they can to understand the entire picture of their search and booking behavior, and use those insights to improve one-to-one communication..

4 Travel Disruptions Factors Affecting OTAs and Airlines

Flight disruption costs airlines between $25B and $35B annually. Taking into account the estimated cost to travelers, corporations, and the rest of the ecosystem, that number goes up to $60 billion.

Four Corners of Global Payments

We are at an intersection of seismic behavioral and structural change in the payments world. Consumer demands are evolving rapidly, innovations are sprouting up and travelling around the world, and new regulations are attempting to keep pace with the transformation

The Airbnb Experience

It’s no secret that Airbnb has become the talk of the town. Its distinct appeal to the millennial crowd has gone viral and every conversation that I’ve had in the past three years revolved around options on Airbnb and the uniqueness of every travel experience.