Four Corners of Global Payments


We are at an intersection of seismic behavioral and structural change in the payments world. Consumer demands are evolving rapidly, innovations are sprouting up and travelling around the world, and new regulations are attempting to keep pace with the transformation. All of this combined is driving change in the way that payment companies, merchants, and banks operate.

The one constant though, across the world, is the development of technologies that enable seamless payments and better online experiences.

Innovations like mobile payments (mPayments), are becoming more widespread. Governments are implementing transformative regulations and industry initiatives that contribute to cash reduction, such as SEPA in Europe and demonetization measures adopted in India. The momentum is with cashless societies, as we will explore in this paper.

Consumers are increasingly expecting personalized payment options, provided by agile payment systems that can rapidly adapt to new innovations. Consumers are also more open to shopping internationally for the best deals, particularly from independent vendors, many of whom operate on the booming array of global online marketplaces. In fact, such sales are predicted to account for almost 40% of the global online retail market by 2020.


Across the four corners of the globe, the focus remains the same: develop ways to make payments quicker, safer, and more convenient for consumers. This is one of the most significant influences on the merchant’s ability to grow their business and expand internationally.

To compete within this new world order, eCommerce businesses and online marketplaces now face a challenge: incorporate innovative technologies designed to meet the new demands on global online merchants, or fall behind.

Below, our business leaders in Asia-Pacific, Latin America, North America and Europe explore payment vital information to online merchants and marketplaces, so they can accelerate their growth and continue to thrive in a changing landscape.

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