Your 2019 Guide to Mobile Marketing


Way back in 2008 it was predicted that the next decade would see mobile internet use overtake that using traditional computers such as desktops or laptops. Now, in 2018, we find that prediction starting to bear fruit, especially in countries such as India and Indonesia where mobile internet now significantly outperforms other methods.


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Mobile users consume on average twice the online minutes as desktop users making the mobile market an important one to look at as we move into 2019.

Mobile Marketing in 2019

Hopefully you’re now on board with the idea that mobile is big business and will become even bigger moving forwards. There are many trends digital travel brands should be looking to get on board with regarding mobile.


Instagram is a powerful tool for travel brands and is home to no small number of influencers. The term influencer marketing is still a relatively young one, but they hold a much larger sway over young consumers than traditional advertising does. 89% of young people are more likely to complete a purchase if it is seen to be promoted by people, they trust rather than through traditional advertising which just 16% of millennials trust. These are the stats which show how much sway influencers can have over the millennial market – who are the demographic most likely to be booking holidays. Find the influencers in your market and start making those connections. Tag them in your posts and try and nudge them towards helping you promote you travel brand. Travel naturally lends itself to image-based marketing, making Instagram a perfect fit.


Online privacy and security have become big news over the last year and the mobile world is lagging in some regards.

Whereas installing antivirus and malware blockers on desktop computers is almost second nature, people still don’t necessarily ascribe the same priority to the security of their mobile devices. The onus is therefore on brands doing business in the mobile space to take a responsible approach to the security protocols of their consumer facing platforms.

This is especially important when your mobile platforms are handling customer data and/or processing payments. In these cases, the need to prioritize security and privacy becomes even greater.


If you make a purchase on Amazon’s mobile app these days, you’ll notice just how streamlined the checkout process has become.

You can add items to your basket and then checkout in the usual fashion. However, if you want to buy just one item you can just click the buy it now button. A tray them pops ups which has your usual payment and delivery options ready selected. If these options are correct you just swipe the tray to the right to complete the purchase. You can click on any of the options to change them if required.

The checkout process is crucial to the mobile shopping experience and if it isn’t as smooth and simple as possible it increases the chance of the dreaded abandoned shopping basket. By eliminating the shopping basket entirely for single purchases, Amazon increases the chance of a completed sale.

Obviously, the way holidays are booked is quite different to purchasing goods on Amazon, but it still illustrates the need to streamline the checkout process as much as possible.

Mobile Apps

Many companies are now developing their own apps which are used to, not simply processes bookings or sales, but give customers alternative ways to connect with the brand.

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Experience brand KKDay has released a brand new smartphone app which gives travelers the ability to access great content when they’re on the move. Content such as curated videos and guides to exotic locations and interesting facts and figures on your chosen destination.

Combined with this great content is the ability to book any of KKDay’s fantastic experiences including, guided food tours, outdoor adventures, island hopping, water activities, countryside excursions, city insider, arts and culture, must-see attractions, historic landmarks, and theme park VIP admissions. This allows travelers to curate their trips on the fly and find out which experiences are close to them at any one time.

Final Thoughts

Mobile technology offers a great way to give your customers more ways to experience your brand and for your business to generate additional revenue, and those companies deploying them stand the best chance of success in 2019.

You can hear KKDay’s Chief Marketing Officer, Yuki Huang speak at Digital Travel Summit APAC 2019, in April, at the Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore.

Please download the agenda today for more information and insights.

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