The Role of Social Media in Tourism Marketing

Social media has changed every single aspect of our lives, including the way we consume. These developments have significantly affected businesses mainly through enabling new marketing strategies. Tourism, being one of the most vibrant sectors of the global economy, is undoubtedly a part of all these.

Merging social media and tourism marketing will lead to excellent results for your business. Here we have gathered information about the essentials of social media in tourism marketing: what is the role of it and how it can be effectively used.

Importance of the Social Media

Social media impact on tourism is seen in the ways people research before going on a trip. Now people are encouraged to share their travel experiences. Thus, social media has transformed the way people make decisions. People build their trust in a tourism agency based on the reviews of the others.

Social sharing for better customer relations

Customer service is another essential aspect of the tourism industry that has changed with social media. Now brands and businesses can reach their customers directly through social media. When people are unsatisfied with a tourism service, they can call the companies to account for that. Thus, solving the problems of the customers in the kindest ways will lead to a better reputation for a company.

Social sharing might be the most significant factor that affected the tourism industry. Social media enables especially young people to share the most significant memories from their travels with a vast audience. Tourism companies should know that this is a more powerful way of attracting new travellers than simple advertisements and encourage people to share their real experiences online.

As seen above, the rise of social media led to the development of two-way communication between agencies and customers and customers to customers. To benefit from this impact of social media on the tourism industry, turning to social media is vital for a tourism agency.

How to Create Strategies

The tourism industry is highly competitive. Once tourism companies are aware of the possible benefits of social media for their business, they use ways through which they can increase their brand awareness.

Engaging content is the king

Creating engaging content is the most crucial step to go if you aim to attract more customers. Since the tourism industry is significantly connected with visual experience, visual material is the most engaging way to catch attention. You should use catchy photos and impressive videos that are simple and fun.

User-generated content is one of the best ways to get people to engage with your business. Influencer marketing will help a lot to make your business visible among the others. After specifying your target location and audience, you can get in touch with tourism influencers and experts. You will not believe how fast your brand is reaching followers, thanks to influencers.

Increase visibility

After you are familiar with the role of social media in tourism marketing, you notice that whatever you do, being social is the key. To increase your visibility, you should be actively contacting your customers by listening to them or answering their questions. You can research your keywords and join in the conversations around your service. As we stated above, providing customer service online is an excellent way of making your voice heard.

The tourism industry is extensive and seasonal, so you should be relevant when it comes to timing. Whether popular or undiscovered, every location has its own season. ​Digital marketing agencies​ can help you provide up-to-date campaigns to advertise your newest services.

Best Social Media Channels for Tourism Marketing

As in any other industry, Big Three of the social media -Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been the leader in the tourism industry as well. Even though these channels have their own audience, travel is among the most shared topics on all of them.

Facebook is an excellent platform to catch users among various social groups. Facebook’s Recommendations feature enables people to share their experiences. It can be used effectively for travelling purposes, to reach information about what users are telling about your travel business.

Thanks to its emphasis on visual material, Instagram is one of the most effective social media channels. It is a great platform for tourism businesses to engage with their current and future customers. Using Instagram will help you attract people, especially the millennials, as they form a group that is highly active on Instagram. You should follow the travel hashtags and create your own to maximize the popularity of your posts.

While Instagram takes over your visual material, Twitter is your voice. This platform allows you to talk about short travel tips and promos. Even though Twitter can be used for photos and videos of your brand, its actual strength is being especially useful for providing customer service. If you want to join in conversations, you need to have an active Twitter account.

Other than the Big Three, there are various platforms that you can use to get in contact with different groups of travellers. For example, LinkedIn is significant for B2B. Business travellers share information on Linkedin groups about many topics, including business trips. If you want to reach business travellers, you use LinkedIn to reach them depending on the locations in which you provide service.

Widely used by generation Z, Snapchat is another platform that is important for your tourism marketing strategy​ if you are targeting young customers. It is a rapidly growing social media channel on which you can share what is happening at the moment. You can share gripping snaps about your tourism business to catch attention.


Social media has transformed the ways to build a reliable brand. For the tourism industry, the age of brochures and billboards are over. The key to business success is to collect social shares, positive user reviews and customer satisfaction on social media.

In this text, we tried to show that social media is a big opportunity for tourism companies. To make use of its advantages, the ​Digital Agency Network​ can help you find the most suitable agency for your tourism marketing.

Author:Gizem Tas

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