Digital Travel Summit APAC 2019

01 - 03 April, 2019

Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

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Brett Henry

Travel Daily

9:20 AM Keynote Interview: Delivering a seamless travel experience – How to meet the needs of the domestic and outbound traveller with AI, big data and intelligent hardware

Victor accumulated deep experiences in the internet, technology, media and telecommunications space for the last 17 years. He has been involved in a couple of start-ups: as Chief Financial Officer of Lianjia, China’s largest real estate agency, helping them raise a series B capital of about RMB 6 billion; as Chief Financial Officer at Anjuke, China’s leading online real estate platform, helping drive the US$267 million M&A deal with Nasdaq listed; and as Director at Baidu, China’s leading search engine. In this keynote address, Victor will shed light on:
·         How will South East Asia become a hotspot for China's rapidly growing outbound travel market?
·         How to use VR technology that allows users to select their hotel rooms online, check-in via facial recognition technology, or features such as "Smart Home" and "Smart Keys
·         How to use intelligent computing that allows customers to enjoy continual service improvements, personalised recommendations and an overall optimisation of travel resources
·         How to continue to harness technological innovation to provide the highest-quality travel related services to meet customers' rapidly evolving needs

3:20 PM Case Study Revolution: The New Inbound Marketing – How to focus on selectively, strategically positioning yourself as a true thought leader to better serve the connected consumer and gain their trust

Powered by the emergence and popularity of social media platforms, which in turn gave rise to a more empowered and informed consumer, the shift from “outbound” to inbound marketing meant that brands had to prioritise value-adding content and connection over direct response tactics. In order to stand out today, brands need something more. They need to focus on selectively, strategically positioning themselves as true thought leaders. In this interactive case study Brett will demonstrate why this is happening, and why your brand should be on board. In this interactive presentation, Brett will shed light on:
·         Outbound tourism vs. inbound tourism - Which countries rely the most on tourism spends?
·         Outlining the need for outbound travel, as a means of research into global standards, to develop service and marketing for inbound travel
·         How to implement the right strategies that helps you grow your customer base and optimise budgets
How to select the right approach for your business

5:50 PM Fireside Chat: The Golden Rules of Marketing in China – What are the key pillars of marketing in China? And how can you tap into the untapped opportunities?

The world’s most populous nation and second largest economy is a notoriously complicated market for non-Chinese companies. These increasingly discerning shoppers are younger, focused on health, and more brand savvy than ever, and they demand more from the products and services they buy. Both global and local companies must understand these nuances if they hope to craft brand and product messages that appeal to them. This interactive panel will explore:
·         How do you use WeChat, and what other chat platforms that works, to reach the lucrative Chinese outbound travel market?
·         What are the personalised content that appeals to the Chinese travellers, and what doesn’t?
·         How do you adopt your products to China’s expanding army of middle-class travellers?
·         What are the key considerations in localising your products and service to the Chinese market? Which is more important – offering budget, affordable products or more experience-related ones?

6:15 PM Overall Outlook – Conference Wrap Up: What will the next 5 years bring to the travel industry in APAC?

To round off our 4th Annual Digital Travel APAC we take a light-hearted look at how the Asian digital travel space is progressing compared to our European and American counterparts. During this informal session, we will grab a drink and relax while discussing how you think the digital travel universe will evolve in Asia.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Brett.

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